Stasi graduated Cum Laude from Slippery Rock State College. She completed the Nautilus Sports Medical Industries Training and Management program in Florida. In addition she was an ANBC and WNBF Professional Bodybuilder and holds many bodybuilding titles: 1999 & 2000 WNBF PRO World Championships –4TH Place, 2000 WNBF PRO International Championships—2ND Place, 2001 WNBF PRO Internationals—5TH Place, 1998 WNBF PRO Natural MS. Universe Overall Champion, 1997 NGA All American Heavy Weight Champion, 1995 NGA All American Overall Masters Champion, 1994 ANBC PRO 3RD Place, 1991 ANBC Pittsburgh Overall Champion, 1991 NPC Pittsburgh Heavy Weight Champion and many more.

Stasi has been a competition judge since 1991. She is an IFPA Pro Head Judge and has also served as a Head Judge and Head National Judge for the OCB, Head Judge for the NANBF, Head and Pro Judge for the NGA, Head Judge for MUSCLEMANIA, Fitness America, Model America, Bikini America, the INBF, ANBC and NABF. She has been featured in numerous news articles as well as international and national magazines. Stasi has been a regular featured guest on many Pittsburgh television talk shows due to her drug free bodybuilding achievements, fitness, diet & nutrition knowledge and expertise.
Stasi is honored to have been voted one of the Greatest Natural Female Bodybuilders of all time in 2010 by the Natural Bodybuilder Examiner.
Stasi’s passion is helping people to realize their God given athletic potential and accomplish their health & fitness goals. She is excited to be the promoter of her own annual bodybuilding & physique competition, “The OCB Natural STEEL Championships” held in Pittsburgh, PA each fall.


        Dawn LaGamba

is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Cardio Certified Instructor. Dawn has additional experience as a group exercise instructor for Children’s Strength & Conditioning, Plyometrics and Body Sculpting classes.
She serves on The Board Of The Directors for the Western Area YMCA.Dawn has competed as a natural bodybuilder since 2008 in the OCB (Organization Of Competitive Bodybuilders),INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness), and the IFPA (International Federation Of Physique Athletes).Dawn was the “OCB Natural Ms. STEEL City Overall Champion” in 2008, her very first competition. She currently competes at the Pro level of the IFPA.

        M. Alexander Kuhn

founder of Kuhn Solutions Group and The Athlete System, is a highly sought after mental performance coach; having trained and developed hundreds of individuals in areas ranging from athletics to body transformations. Teams and athletes have won state championships, earned athletic scholarships and qualified for the Olympic trials under his tutelage. His personal achiever clients have maintained weight loss of hundreds of pounds, built better relationships within the family, have found jobs in a challenging economy, and developed financial discipline to lead the lives they desire.
Businesses seek his guidance on developing the right attitude and skills to get more out of their teams and to succeed in the challenging world of sales. His clients have seen increases of ROI by as much as 1000% and a sharp increase in team productivity. His infectious positive personality and belief system of creating a “self-made” performance has led to speaking engagements